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The WWISA base camp is in The Crags, near Plettenberg Bay. Nearby is a previously-disadvantaged community, Kurland Village, where we have been concentrating our efforts. They say “charity begins at home”!

Over the years we have developed close ties with the community. With their leaders we have identified a number of areas in need of ongoing work and support. 

Each project below will benefit from the input of volunteers with a wide range of skills, talents and experience. No-one will be too unqualified or overqualified!

Let us know what your volunteering interests are and what skills you have, and we will find fulfilling and rewarding volunteer work for you in our beautiful area. After working hours you can enjoy our hiking trails, gorgeous beaches, skydiving, whale and dolphin watching, or just hang out in SA’s premier tourist destination, Plettenberg Bay – 25 minutes away. 

If you have a project idea which is different from what’s in the project list below, let us know and let’s see what we can put together.

Current projects are:    

Environmental Conservation and Education 

  • Our region’s mountains, forests, rivers, estuaries and coastline are the basis of our tourism-dependent economy. It is an eco-sensitive area, and there are a number of opportunities for volunteer work with the various authorities and organisations which watch over our natural environment.  There is an Eco-Schools programme under the auspices of WESSA (Wildlife & Environmental Society of South Africa), Adopt-a-River & Adopt-a-Beach programmes, international clean-up days, overnight, weekend and longer environmental education camps run by SANParks, the Natures Valley Trust, and Ingwe Adventures. Volunteers may also work with the Kids-in-the-Park programme.

Community “green awareness” projects 

  • Activities include: planting of indigenous trees on public open spaces, along roads and in private gardens; building brick compost bins and fences to keep free-range domestic animals out of the gardens and veggie patches; repairing and putting up water tanks to harvest rainfall from roofs; raising funds for the acquisition of garden tools; holding regular workshops to teach locals how to make compost; and waste management.

Upgrading facilities 

  • The village has many homes and other physical facilities which are damaged and run-down. It is an ongoing project to support the community by improving and upgrading these structures. 

Feeding schemes 

  • Volunteers may raise funding to provide stoves, pots and utensils as well as consumables such as gas, bread, vegetables, soup bones and supplementary soup-mix stock; assist with the preparation and dispensing of meals and tidying up. Growing food locally and raising community awareness of the importance of self-sustaining food production is also necessary.

Development of pre-schools 

  • There are 3 pre-school youth-care facilities. All three facilities need volunteers to assist with lesson planning and general administration; raise funds or arrange donations of material for physical structure upgrades, educational toys, and equipment; hands-on building maintenance and painting; assistance with meal preparation, feeding and tidying up; and work in the gardens and play areas. As an example, one of our volunteers arranged the official registration of seven pre-schools in the nearby Tsitsikamma region.

Learner support for The Crags Primary School 

  • The Crags Primary School, which takes children from 6 years old, has about 550 pupils. Opportunities for volunteer assistance are: specialised educational support in the sciences & mathematics,  English as a second language, art & music, sport, computer literacy, the homework club, extra-mural activities such as the Youth & Hiking clubs, environmental education outings and camps, and team development workshops.
  • There are also opportunities with gardening, the planting and maintenance of trees, painting classrooms, general building maintenance - and for those who are artistically inclined – the painting of murals. 
  • School-leavers require assistance with life-skills counselling and the preparation of their CV’s, career options, and the funding of tertiary studies.

Ongoing workshops for youth

  • Guidance and instruction for individuals and groups in Sexual Education & Practices; HIV/Aids; Responsible & Single Parenthood; Substance Abuse and Counselling; and Women’s Rights.

 Waste & Litter Management 

  • The community can do with regular workshops for adults and youth on this subject. Also necessary are community- involved ‘clean-up’ days, fundraising for garbage collection bins, and volunteer work with the person who runs the recently-established recycling centre.